Nuclear Weapons Fact or Fiction

Do nuclear weapons really exist? The science of nuclear fission says not. Are they Weapons of Mass Deception?

If nuclear fission is not explosive then how can nuclear weapons be a reality? Were Atomic bombs ever detonated over Hiroshima or Nagasaki? The threat of destroying the planet by a nuclear war has been embedded in human psychology since 1945 but what if this has been an elaborate ploy to keep us in fear? The fear of a nuclear weapon certainly ended WW2 and consequently saved lots of lives. But once into the Cold War why not confess that it had all been a very expensive hoax?

The truth shall set you free.

Nuclear weapons are a non-existent threat.

But of course nuclear weapons were designed to fight an enemy that no longer exists and they don’t protect us from 21stcentury threats such as terrorism, cyber attacks, biological weapons and global warming.

So nuclear weapons are ‘A REDUNDANT NON-EXISTENT THREAT’.

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