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The Last Saxophone

Tom Perignon (aka #TMp319) is arrested for street busking in Karaoke Land (Tenerife 2019) and held in a psychiatric hospital claiming he is from the future. There he meets arsonist and opera singer Lorenzo Pitiful.

Disguised as priests they escape and form The Soul Fathers and plan a benefit concert to provide accommodation for homeless minimum-wage workers. Prof. #ELv15 brings Tom’s girlfriend as a hostage for the return of the last saxophone which Tom has stolen. But the elusive instrument falls into the hands of the Devil of the Guanches. Lorenzo is fatally stabbed and Tom travels back to the future to avoid premature ageing.

Warned that the past may be subtly different, Tom returns to try to prevent the death of Lorenzo.

It’s a fun, fast-paced futuristic story featuring time travel, adventure and love.

E-book available in  English at Amazon ISBN: 9781912924745

Available in Spanish as a Kindle E-Book from Amazon

Also available at Nook, Apple iBooks, Kobo, Google Play,  etc as E-Book ISBN 9781912924745

Paperback available in English at Amazon ISBN 9781097401420

Paperback available in Spanish at Amazon ISBN 9781693130281

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Author, Musician, Composer, TV Sleb